How we helped a global supply chain partner to achieve a greater business value

By setting up an external service desk and having a suitable ITSM-system implemented, our client – Bufab – could finally focus its energy on a digital best practice initiative and increasing user’s satisfaction.


About the client

Bufab was founded in 1977 by two young entrepreneurs in a small village a few kilometers away from Värnamo, in Sweden. They started  the business in a small basement with a great vision of becoming a world-leading supplier of fasteners one day. Today Bufab employs more than 1 000 staff in over 30 countries. Bufab has actually become a global supply chain partnerproviding a range of C-Parts,  from traditional fasteners to complicated processed and assembled components made from a variety of materials.


Currently Bufab has entered a growth phase thanks to its internationally established operations that the company calls its platform. Besides achieving accelerated organic growth, the company aims to sustain and increase its efficiency as well as fuel further growth through value-adding acquisitions.


What was the problem

Bufab’s exceptional, global growth unavoidably meant new requirements for a scalable and non-person dependent IT support. Bufab operating in 37 different countries, did not have an ITSM-system to handle all the tickets and issues coming in from all over the world. It had a custom built share-point-solution that was not scalable enough to handle the growing business and meet the new business requirements. Moreover, as a slim IT-organization, the company needed to focus its energy on a digital best practice initiative. That is why Bufab needed to find a partner to run their service desk.


What was the solution

After having searched the market for suitable providers, Bufab found Euvic that offered a packaged solution with a relevant ITSM-system and a modern service desk that could handle tickets in Swedish, English and Polish, if needed.


Thanks to Bufab’s great structure and Euvic’s agile way of working, the new service desk was set up in three months, including the implementation of a new ITSM-system, freshservice. The implementation project also included setting up clear SLAs, to enable the users to see what they can expect from the IT-organization.


Why was it important

Following the set up of an external service desk and implementation of a suitable ITSM system Bufab, Bufab could focus its organizational energy on a digital best practice initiative, creating more value to the business. A clear SLA and predictability helped boost users’ satisfaction as well.


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